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What If? Nutritional Brain Food.

  • May I ask you a question or two...?
  • If you woke up later today or early tomorrow, and someone came up to you to tell you:
  • "Everything has been done for you. All of it has been finished for you. Your life- it is now complete. You have been successful in earning a degree, the job you have is exciting, and you like it; no, you love it- it is your main source of income, and it is excellent, at that. You do well at it. Someday, you will excel and move into a very important position, where you will oversee thousands. You will make a difference in the world. You will be proud of the change you make and the face you wear.
  • Your parents will beam at their friends as they talk about you, as they are always will be, and always have been, your biggest fans. You love them, just as they just love and adore you. You're in the best relationship of your life; your soul mate knows your every flaw and shortcoming and sees them as merits and beautiful, unique quirks that made them initially fall in love with you. You are best friends, and they bring out the best in you.
  • Your friends are hand picked; some are worn in like a favorite pair of jeans, while others are new and interesting and stimulate your mind every day to something fresh and different.
  • You are treated with respect everywhere you go. Everyone who knows you reacts to you with a balance of love and admiration; you are a success; you bring pride to yourself, your family, and your friends; you have the whole world in the palm of your hands, and you cannot wait to see the next part of it. Everything you have ever wanted is now yours; everything you ever will want will be yours, whenever you may find yourself needing it.
  • Now, this stranger walks up to you. He tells you everything in your life is the fairy tale you imagined it to always be. You are in a perfect state of comfort and bliss, for the rest of your life. You need not stress anymore, about anything- studying, working, relationships, finances, luxuries, happiness, love, housing, traveling, food, necessities, and all the experiences you could ever wish for- it has been taken care of for you. He opens the driver's seat door to your car, inviting you to take the wheel. He asks you to be careful, wherever it is you are going. You tell him you do not know where to go, as he took all of your options away from you. He leans in close, gets right next to your ear, and asks, "Then, who are you?"
Like a Grecian goddess…

Like a Grecian goddess…

at Mad House

at Mad House

What an angel.

What an angel.

Terry Tries To Wake A Sleeping Worker

  • Terry: Missy! Missy!
  • Terry: FIRE! FIRE!
  • Terry: *tries to slam door*
  • Terry: Is that Denzel Washington walking through the lobby?
  • Terry: TUPAC'S ALIVE!!!!!!!!

Terry Walks Into The Office

  • Terry: Hey people!
  • Terry: How you be?

Running The Country

  • Terry: I am proud of my country. MY people BUILT this country!
  • Jose (Hispanic): Well my people sustain this country.
  • Nick and Brandon (White): Our people are ruining the economy before it gets too bad!
#RVA #home  (at Broad And Belvidere)

#RVA #home (at Broad And Belvidere)